Ahmet Can Dundar Biography, Ahmet Can Dundar Age, Hometown

Who is Ahmet Can Dundar, also known as Heypoper on TikTok, where is he from, how old is he, and how tall is he? You can find the answers to these questions in our article.

Ahmet Can Dundar Biography

Ahmet Can Dündar was born on October 6, 1998. He is from Izmir, Turkey, and has gained attention with his content on TikTok and Instagram. He is currently studying International Trade and Logistics at Pamukkale University. He has his own YouTube channel with 110,000 subscribers. He has over 400,000 followers on Instagram and over 3 million on TikTok.

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How tall is Ahmet Can Dundar?

Ahmet Can Dündar is 6’0″ (1.83 meters) tall.

How much does Ahmet Can Dundar weigh?

Ahmet Can Dündar weighs 172 lbs (78 kg).

What is Ahmet Can Dundar’s zodiac sign?

Ahmet Can Dündar’s zodiac sign is Libra.

Is Sıla Dundar his sister?

Sıla Dündar, who is known as Heyysila on TikTok, is Ahmet Can Dündar’s sister.

Does Ahmet Can Dundar have a girlfriend?

Ahmet Can Dündar does not have a girlfriend, and he has not shared any information about his relationship status.

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