Demircan Kacel Biography, Age, Life, Hometown, Height, Weight

Who is Demircan Kaçel, who plays Rüzgar in the TV series Kara on Show TV, Demircan Kaçel’s life, biography, where is Demircan Kaçel from, how old is Demircan Kaçel, Demircan Kaçel height, weight, what are the TV series and movies Demircan Kaçel has acted in? Here are the details about Demircan Kaçel.

Who is Demircan Kaçel?

Demircan Kaçel was born on September 13, 1999 in Istanbul. He is a theater and TV series actor.

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Demircan Kaçel Career

After graduating from Fine Arts and Sports High School, he studied acting at Folkart Academy Theater Workshop. After his theater studies, his first appearance on the screens was with the Tek Yürek series published in 2019. Then he starred in productions such as Mavera, Liars and Candles. In the series Three Sisters, which came to the screens in 2022, he played the character of Mesut. He played Yusuf Tunca in the series Bird Flight and Rüzgar in the series called Kara.

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How old is Demircan Kaçel?

Demircan Kaçel was born in 1999.

Where is Demircan Kaçel from?

It is not known where Demircan Kaçel, who was born in Istanbul, is originally from.

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Is Demircan Kaçel Married?

Handsome actor Demircan Kaçel is not married but single.

Who is Demircan Kaçel’s Girlfriend?

There are not many details about the private life of actor Demircan Kaçel.

How tall is Demircan Kaçel?

Demircan Kaçel is 1.85 meters tall.

How Much Does Demircan Kaçel Weigh?

Demircan Kaçel weighs approximately 75 kilograms.

Demircan Kaçel Filmography

  • 2023 – Kara
  • 2023 – Kuş Uçuşu
  • 2022 – Üç Kız Kardeş
  • 2021 – Yalancılar ve Mumları
  • 2021 – Kuş Uçuşu
  • 2021 – Mavera
  • 2019 – Tek Yürek

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