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Alaçatı Restaurants Kapari Garden ♡ If you only have one meal in Alaçatı, we think you should make the most of it by eating at the tables on the lively streets of Alaçatı. The best restaurants in Alaçatı are;
  1. Eflatun Alaçatı
  2. Asma Leaf Pantry.
  3. Asma Yaprağı Ovacık Branch.
  4. Red Thrush Bird.
  5. Dutlu Kahve.
  6. Sota Alacati
  7. Agrilia
Alaçatı is one of the most popular places in recent years. Located within the borders of Çeşme district of İzmir, this holiday destination is one of the indispensable points of vacationers with its sea, historical streets and delicious food. So, where and what to eat in Alacati? Alaçatı is one of the places called the pearl of the Aegean and is especially rich in food. Especially seafood is highly preferred in Alacati. The flavor of fresh herbs, spices and vegetables grown in the region makes the dishes even more successful. There are also many restaurants and cafes famous for their local flavors. These restaurants offer their guests a pleasant dining experience with dishes prepared with local products. Among the dishes you must try in Alaçatı are artichokes in olive oil, stuffed zucchini blossoms, stuffed mussels, mücver, gummy custard, leblebi halva and pumpkin dessert. You can also taste the famous appetizers of the Aegean. Appetizers such as arugula salad, walnut pepper, shrimp casserole, fried calamari and lakerda are among the favorites of visitors to Alaçatı. However, among the most popular restaurants in Alacati are the following:
  • Asma Yaprağı – Asma Yaprağı, which manages to blend local flavors with a modern presentation, is especially successful in seafood.
  • Köşebaşı – With its professional service, delicious food and stylish atmosphere, Köşebaşı is an ideal option for food lovers.
  • Biber Restoran – Biber Restaurant, which offers a healthy dining experience by using olive oil and other natural ingredients while serving local flavors, is one of the must-visit places in Alaçatı.
  • Alaçatı Muhallebicisi – Famous for its gummy custard, Alaçatı Muhallebicisi is one of the indispensable places for dessert lovers.
Alacati is also home to many cafes. These cafes offer many different options for breakfast, a midday snack, dinner or just a coffee break and are highly preferred by tourists. Alaçatı is an ideal option for both those who want to have a vacation in the fresh Aegean air and those who are after delicious food. Restaurants, which are representatives of international cuisine as well as local delicacies, appeal to the taste buds of holidaymakers. Whether it is a romantic dinner by the sea or a delicious dinner in an elegant restaurant, Alaçatı offers an unforgettable dining experience.
Highlights Description
Fresh Seafood Fresh fish freshly caught from the Aegean Sea.
Sea View Enjoy delicious seafood with stunning sea views.
Local Cuisine Savor traditional Turkish seafood dishes.
Cocktails Sip on refreshing cocktails alongside your seafood.
Al Fresco Dining Experience outdoor dining surrounded by nature.
best seafood restaurants in Alacati

What to Eat at Fava Alacati?

Located in the courtyard of an old Greek house, Fava Alaçatı features dishes from both sides of the Aegean in its appetizer and seafood-heavy menu. Octopus tandoori, Şevket-i sea bream, Cretan roast, simit börek, shrimp ravioli, grilled granyöz are among the special tastes of Fava.

What to Eat at Fava Restaurant Alacati?

Alaçatı is a beautiful summer place that you can choose when planning a vacation. There are many famous activities such as Hera House Hotel, Alaçatı Herb Festival and Alçatı Bazaar. There are also many restaurants to hang out and enjoy on sunny days. However, instead of wasting any food in vain, you should taste the best flavors in the place where you are vacationing. Choose to dine at Fava Lodos Restaurant, where you can enjoy one of the Aegean’s healthiest dishes while you enjoy a meal with a spectacular view of the Hanging Gardens. Fava is one of the most delicious foods in Alacati. This dish, which can be found in many different restaurants, contains olive paste in a dark green color. This dish, which has many benefits, is full of protein, vitamins and minerals. Fava can be found in many places such as Hepsi Burada, Lodos Restaurant, Sare Meyhane, and Sandal Balık Evi. Fava, one of the famous olive oil dishes of Alacati, can be served with any meat, fish, salad or other dishes. This delightful and healthy dish is prepared by Alaçatı chefs to give you the best vacation experience. Moreover, fava is prepared in a way that not only tastes delicious but also protects your health. When you come to Alacati, don’t forget the importance of trying the local delicacies. Fava is undoubtedly one of the best dishes you should try, especially for those looking for healthy options. Take a vacation to discover and enjoy the beauties of Alacati so that you can enjoy your food with pleasure. best seafood restaurants in Alacati Gallery

How is Ferdi Baba Restaurant Port Alacati?

Çeşme also appeals to the palate with its cuisine including Izmir kumru, fresh and delicious fish, seafood, delicious Aegean herbs, döner, pita, mixed breakfast, gumdrop ice cream, stuffed zucchini blossoms and much more. How is Ferdi Baba Restaurant Port Alacati? Port Alaçatı is one of the favorite holiday destinations of recent times. It has become a favorite of vacationers with the lively atmosphere of the Aegean, the magnificent view of nature, the turquoise sea and the streets where people from all walks of life meet. There are also many outstanding restaurants in this region. One of them is Ferdi Baba Restaurant, which is very efficient in terms of flavor. Ferdi Baba Restaurant has a perfect location. It is located in one of the lively streets of Alacati. Ferdi Baba Restaurant has a fantastic location. It is located in one of the lively streets of Alacati and is visited by many tourists and locals while here. The menu at Ferdi Baba Restaurant is quite varied. The preparation and presentation of the dishes are very attentive. For starters, you should definitely try the probiotic cheese plate and the hash browns. Ferdi Baba Restaurant has a unique atmosphere. The friendly and hospitable staff creates a cozy and pleasant atmosphere. Ferdi Baba Restaurant is located between the lively streets of Port Alacati. The menu is quite varied and the preparation and presentation of the dishes are very attentive. The staff are welcoming and offer a cozy atmosphere. Alaçatı is one of the favorite holiday destinations of tourists in terms of nature and taste, and Ferdi Baba Restaurant is one of the most beautiful places to visit as a flavor stop added to these beauties. You will want to come here once again with its location, food and warm and friendly atmosphere.  

FAQ – best seafood restaurants in Alacati

What are the best seafood restaurants in Alacati?

Top recommendations: Kirmizi Mavi, Asma Yapragi, Bogazici Balik

Are there vegetarian options in seafood restaurants in Alacati?

Yes, most of them offer vegetarian mezze and sides.
For more information, check out our article on the best seafood restaurants in Alacati. In addition to the information we have provided in our article on best seafood restaurants in Alacati, you can access the wikipedia link here, which is another important source on the subject.
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