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IShowSpeed Biography

IShowSpeed is a popular American YouTuber known for his gaming content. His real name is Darren Watkins, and he was born on January 21, 2005, in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. He uses the username “IShowSpeed” on social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. He has over 10 million subscribers on YouTube.

IShowSpeed Life

IShowSpeed started his YouTube channel in 2016 and initially uploaded occasional gaming videos. Around December 2017, he began live streaming and uploading videos of games like NBA 2K and Fortnite, but initially, he only managed to attract an average of two viewers. However, his subscriber count started increasing rapidly within a few months, reaching 100,000 in April 2021, 1 million in June 2021, and 10 million in July 2022.

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IShowSpeed Height and Weight

IShowSpeed’s height is 1.78 meters (5 feet 10 inches), and he weighs 61 kilograms (134 pounds).

What is IShowSpeed’s zodiac sign?

He belongs to the Aquarius zodiac sign.

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