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Mehtap Algul’s name has recently been associated with the famous actor Kerem Bürsin. It’s been rumored that the famous actor has purchased a magnificent mansion in the prestigious Beykoz Konaklari site in Istanbul for 50 million Turkish Lira. There have also been reports that Mehtap Algul will be moving in with Kerem Bürsin and they will be deciding on the decoration of the house together.

You can find more details about Mehtap Algul in our article. So who is Mehtap Algul? Where is she from, how old is she, how tall is she, and what is her weight? Here are the details about Mehtap Algul:

Mehtap Algul Biography

Mehtap Algul was born in Istanbul in 1989. She graduated from the Department of International Relations at Istanbul University, and then obtained a master’s degree in Marketing and Brand Management. She is currently pursuing her PhD.

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In her career, she has worked as the head of export, tactical company management and planning coordination in international projects, and as the social media director. She is currently the manager of BAU NEXT, which was established under the umbrella of Bahcesehir University’s Faculty of Communication. She also works as an influencer and continues to produce content.

Mehtap Algül kimdir, nereli, Mehtap Algül kaç yaşında, Mehtap Algül boyu, kilosu kaç?

Does Mehtap Algul have a boyfriend?

She is in a relationship with the famous actor Kerem Bürsin.

How tall is Mehtap Algul?

Mehtap Algul is 1.69 meters tall.

What is Mehtap Algul’s weight?

Mehtap Algul weighs 52 kilograms.

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