Meltem Acet Kimdir? Kaç Yaşında Evli mi? Boyu Kilosu Nedir?

Meltem Acet Bio, Age, Hometown, Meltem Acet Height, Weight

Information about the beautiful name Meltem Acet, who has worked on many TV channels and continued her career successfully as a presenter. In this article, you can find answers to your questions such as who is Meltem Acet, how old is Meltem Acet, what is Meltem Acet’s height and weight, and is Meltem Acet married.

Meltem Acet Biography

If you are asking how old Meltem Acet is, her date of birth is September 24, 1982. The answer to your question about where Meltem Acet was born is Ankara. Meltem Acet started elementary school in Ankara and went to high school at TED College. She graduated from Ankara ODTÜ with a degree in Economics and remained connected to Ankara throughout her education.

Meltem Acet Career

Meltem Acet won the entrance exam for ODTÜ’s Economics department and finished this challenging program ranked fifth in her class. She then went on to pursue a master’s degree at the same university and later moved to the UK. After that, she moved to the United States to work in finance for various companies. Upon returning to Turkey, Meltem Acet worked for Turkcell and Vodafone.

Meltem Acet first appeared on television on Fox TV, where she worked in the economics category of the “Çalar Saat” program. She then moved to A Haber.

After working for A Haber, Meltem Acet joined Artı 1 TV, where she hosted the programs “Paranın Nabzı” and “Sıradışı” and achieved an important place in her career. After Artı 1, she moved to TGRT Haber, where she served as the Director of Economics, and then finally to Habertürk television.

She currently hosts the weekend “Ana Haber Bülteni” on Habertürk and continues to host the Manşet program at the top of each hour during the daytime.

Meltem Acet Kimdir, Biyografisi, Hayatı

The person who devotes a lot of time to animals has received praise from many people. Especially, she takes care of three disabled cats at her home. We hope that the famous presenter Meltem Acet’s beautiful behavior sets an example for many people 🙂

Meltem Acet Evli mi?
Meltem Acet

Meltem Acet Height, Weight

Meltem Acet’s height is 1.70 meters and her weight is 55 kilograms.

Meltem Acet hakkında bilgileri ve Meltem Acet kimdir, Meltem Acet kaç yaşında, Meltem Acet boyu kilosu, Meltem Acet evli mi

Is Meltem Acet Evli married?

The question of whether Meltem Acet is married or not is one of the most frequently asked questions on the internet. Meltem Acet divorced from her 14-year spouse, businessman Onat Acet, on March 22, 2019. The couple has a daughter. Currently, the answer to the question of whether she is married is “no.”

Meltem Acet kimdir, Meltem Acet hayatı, Meltem Acet biyografisi

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