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Who is Nevra Öner, a name that has piqued the interest of many viewers with her success in the news programs she presented and is among the beautiful hosts on Tgrt Haber screens? We are sharing the answers to this question with our valuable readers.

Nevra Oner Biography

Presenter Nevra Öner was born on October 23, 1986, in Istanbul. She is of Macedonian Turkish descent and is the eldest child of a family with three children.

Nevra Öner, who started working during her high school years, worked at a preparatory course for two years. Then she moved to the Public Relations department of Ataturk Airport and continued her work life there. After graduating from high school, she enrolled in Istanbul University and studied Radio and Television Production for 2 years.

The beautiful host, who thought that her 2-year undergraduate education was not enough, continued her studies and started her university education again with a scholarship at Istanbul Commerce University. During the 4 years she spent at this school, she held various positions at the school’s channel and magazine.

Nevra Öner, who added a broadcasting and hosting certificate to her education from the university, enrolled in the Capital Communication Sciences Academy and successfully obtained a hosting and broadcasting certificate with a good program.

Sunucu Nevra Öner

After obtaining her certificate, the name who first started working at BJK Tv began presenting the news bulletin there. After presenting the BJK Tv news bulletin for 1 year, she also appeared on various programs on the same channel.

After gaining enough experience on BJK Tv, Nevra Öner continued her work life on another channel and moved to Tv Em. Here, she started presenting sports news and then evaluated the offer from KanalTürk screens and switched to KanalTürk television.

She then switched to Tgrt Haber channel from KanalTürk screens.

She presented the “Sabah” program in Turkey on Haber Global screens. Now, she meets with the audience with the “New Day” program, which is broadcasted on weekdays between 09.00 – 12.00.

Is Nevra Öner Married?

Nevra Öner is married. The beautiful host’s husband is a dentist.

Nevra Öner is conducting research called “Being a Girl in Turkey”. She is also a volunteer for women’s NGOs and is a member of an organization called “Cheerful Room” that raises support for the treatment costs of children with cancer

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