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Who is Seda Selek, where is she from, how old is she, and is she married? Here are some details about Seda Selek, one of the hosts of Halk TV.

Seda Selek Biography

Seda Selek was born in Istanbul in 1976. She graduated from the Tourism and Hospitality Department of Marmara University in Istanbul. She married Tunç Arslanalp in 2008, but their marriage did not continue. They have a daughter named “Duru.”

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Seda Selek Life

She started her career at Number One TV. She worked at TV8 and served as a news anchor on TGRT screens. She presented the programs “Women’s Assembly,” “The Real Issue,” and “Headlines of the Day” on Kanal 24. She hosted the program “Seda Selek ile Türkiye’de Sabah” on Haber Global screens. She currently hosts “Neden Sonuç” and “Perdenin Önü Arkası” programs on Halk TV.

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