Yesim Resmi Bio, Age, Hometown, Yesim Resmi Height, Weight

Who is Yeşim Sevinç, known as Yeşim Resmi on Tiktok? How old is she, where is she from, what is her height and weight, and does Yeşim Resmi have a boyfriend? You can find the answers to these questions in our article. Additionally, you can enjoy watching Yeşim Resmi’s videos in our article.

Yeşim Resmi, who has become one of the successful names on social media channels such as Tiktok, Instagram, and YouTube, has also raised questions about her family. Questions about Yeşim Resmi’s mother, father, and brother have started to be researched a lot.

Yeşim Resmi, who became famous by making her own videos on Tiktok, also said that she faced difficulties during this process. “I have never been in the midst of chaos. I have come this far on my own with my own facial expressions, and I am quite happy. The best actors in the world are those who use their facial expressions the best, and I think I use mine well. At one point, I thought about quitting Tiktok when I had around 300-400 thousand followers. Then I decided to continue; let people continue to criticize me as much as they want, and if they can do it, let them come and do it themselves. I’m glad I continued, I’m very happy now.”

Yeşim Resmi Videos
Yeşim Resmi Videos

After her Tiktok and Youtube videos, Yeşim Sevinç (Resmi), who has also gained the support of her family, has only received a warning from her father about doing too much makeup. This content about Yeşim Resmi was prepared by the team.

Yeşim Resmi Kimdir, Kaç Yaşında, Nereli?

Yeşim Resmi’s real name is Yeşim Sevinç. If you ask how old Yeşim Resmi is, she was born in 2001. Yeşim Resmi was born in Manisa, and she spent her childhood years in Edirne province. Later, they moved to Ankara. However, all of her growing up years were spent in Edirne. Yeşim Sevinç, who is still in high school, is originally from Korgan, Ordu. She stands out with her facial expressions and attracts attention in the content she shares on Tiktok.

Yeşim Resmi kimdir, kaç yaşında, nereli, Yeşim Resmi boyu, kilosu kaç, Yeşim Resmi sevgilisi var mı


Yeşim Resmi Height, Weight

Yeşim Resmi’s height is 1.70 meters and her weight is 51 kilograms.

As for whether Yeşim Resmi has a boyfriend or not, there is no information available on her current relationship status.

Yesim Resmi Dans
Yeşim Resmi

According to available information, Yeşim Resmi and Barış Resmi are not in a romantic relationship despite Barış Resmi stating that he liked Yeşim Resmi when he first saw her.

Yeşim Resmi and Barış Resmi are not siblings.

Yeşim Resmi has two younger sisters.

Yeşim Resmi Tiktok
Yeşim Resmi

Yeşim Resmi Instagram Account

Yeşim Resmi TikTok Account


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