Tarkan biography, Tarkan age, Tarkan height, net wprth

Tarkan Bio, Tarkan Age, Height, Weight, Tarkan Songs

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Tarkan’s biography, how old is Tarkan, what is his height, weight, who is Tarkan’s wife, and daughter? Tarkan’s songs and albums…

Who Is Tarkan?

Tarkan is a Turkish singer who has gained popularity both nationally and internationally with his music. He is best known for his hit songs like “Simarik” and “Kuzu Kuzu”.

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Tarkan is one of the best-known artists of pop music in Turkey and all his albums released to date have achieved very good sales figures.

His real name is Tarkan Tevetoğlu. Since the beginning of the 1990s, he has become known both in Turkey and worldwide, with high rankings on music charts and listening rates.

Tarkan Age

Tarkan, one of the most famous celebrities in Turkey, was born on 17.10.1972.

Tarkan’s Hometown

Tarkan was born in Germany. He was born in the town of Alzey in the Rhineland-Palatinate state of Germany. The singer, who is originally from the Black Sea region, is from Rize.

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Tarkan biography, Tarkan age, Tarkan height, net wprth

Who Are Tarkan’s Parents?

His mother is Neşe Tevetoğlu and his father is Ali Tevetoğlu. Tarkan’s mother named him after the comic book character Tarkan.

How Many Siblings Does Tarkan Have?

Tarkan has five siblings.

Tarkan’s Height and Weight

Tarkan is 1.73 meters tall. He was estimated to be 67 kilograms before marriage, and his weight is thought to have reached 72 kilograms after marriage. However, due to his attention to his health, his weight is generally estimated to be between 65-68 kilograms.

Tarkan’s Education Background

The famous singer, who lived in Germany until completing middle school, returned to Turkey with his family. Starting from the age of 13, the singer became interested in music and received a lot of support from his father in this regard and wanted to improve himself. He completed his high school education at Karamürsel High School.

Wanting to take music lessons, the singer went to Istanbul in 1990 and received education there for a while.

Tarkan biography, Tarkan age, Tarkan height, net wprth, Tarkan wife, daughter
Popstar Tarkan

What are Tarkan’s Songs and Albums?

The singer, who released his first album in 1992, gained fame very quickly with his song “Kıl Oldum Abi” on the album. The album reached very high sales figures and became one of the most played songs on the radio.

In 1994, Tarkan released his second album and named it “Aa Acayipsin”. Like his first album, this album also reached very good sales figures and he maintained his success from his first album. With this album, the artist who had given many concerts had become one of the most important singers recognized by Turkey. He went to many European countries and continued his concerts there as well.

In 1995, Tarkan signed a contract with the famous manager Ahmet San and went on a tour that covered many countries, especially Holland and England, for two years. His concert in America was broadcast live on some Turkish television channels.

In 1997, the singer released his 3rd album and with the album “Ölürüm Sana,” he once again revitalized the music market and achieved much higher sales than his other albums, showing a great success. His album “Dudu” released in 2003 became one of the most successful albums in Turkish music history.

The song called “Şımarık” found in his album became the best song of the album and was performed by many foreign artists. After the album, the singer Tarkan, who had returned to Turkey, experienced some disagreements, and then went to the military service and fulfilled his duty.


After the military service, the singer, who came up with a single album for the first time in 2001, performed the song called “Kuzu Kuzu.” In the same year, the artist released a new album called “Karma” and continued on his way by signing another successful album with good tracks.

In addition to his songs, the artist also appeared in advertisements for a while, and as the face of Turkcell’s advertisement, he both appeared in the commercial and performed the jingle. After Turkcell, he also participated in Opet advertisements, and in 2006, he traveled to many cities sponsored by Avea and performed in concerts.

Tarkan released his album “Dudu” in 2003, and he also offered his album for sale in Ukraine, Japan, and Russia as well as in Turkey. This album received a lot of appreciation both nationally and internationally. With this album, he won the “Best Pop Music Male Artist Award” from the 10th Kral TV Video Music Awards in 2004.

Tarkan’s first English album was released on April 7, 2006. Although it was not very popular in Turkey, it broke sales records abroad and ranked high on music charts. It was particularly popular in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria and stayed on the music charts for weeks.

Tarkan released his sixth album, “Metamorfoz,” on December 23, 2007. He wrote all the lyrics of the songs on the album and also composed seven of them. He released the album as two discs, and one of them contained only remix versions of the tracks. Especially the fact that the world-famous DJ Tiesto was also a remix producer on the album attracted the attention of the music world. The album sold 200,000 copies.

In July 2010, Tarkan released his seventh album, “Adını Kalbime Yaz.” The album, which sold a total of 355,000 copies, was worthy of many awards in many categories.


Tarkan released his ninth album, “Ahde Vefa,” on March 11, 2016. He included only Turkish art songs in this album. It sold 170,000 copies in the first week, breaking sales records.

On June 15, 2017, he released his tenth album, “10.” He shot the video of the song “Yolla” in the album with 14 songs. This album, which reached the top of many charts, had videos for many songs.

Finally, on February 17, 2022, he released his new song called “Geççek” as a single.

Is Tarkan Married? Who is Tarkan’s Wife?

This question is frequently asked. Yes, the famous singer Tarkan married Pınar Dilek on April 29, 2016.

Does Tarkan Have a Child? Who is Tarkan’s Daughter?

Tarkan, who became a father in 2018, has a daughter named Liya.

We have come to the end of our topic where we have discussed every detail about who Tarkan is, his age, where he is from, his height, his wife, and his biography. If you are interested in Tarkan, you can find more information about him here.

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