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Lvbel C5, who had a big breakthrough with his song “10 Numara”, who is he, his hometown, how old is Lvbel C5? Lvbel C5’s height and weight, does Lvbel C5 have a girlfriend, and what is Lvbel C5’s real name?

Who is Lvbel C5? Lvbeş C5 Age, Hometown

Lvbel C5’s real name is Burak Bodur. Lvbel C5 was born in 2000. Lvbel C5 is originally from Sakarya, but he lives in Istanbul. Lvbel C5’s father is a musician. Lvbel C5 used to play football as a licensed player for a while, and he received boxing training for many years. He stands out with his unique style, young age, and strong musical background.

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He drew attention with his song “10 Numara” that he shared on his Youtube channel LvbelC5 on October 15, 2021. As of December 2021, the song “10 Numara” has reached 35 million views.

Lvbel C5’s height

Lvbel C5 is 1.87 meters tall.

What is Lvbel C5’s weight?

Lvbel C5 weighs 95 kilograms.

Lvbel C5 Best Songs

  • 10 Numara
  • Aynen Öyle
  • Ralli
  • Zor
  • Andale
  • Hani
  • Dans
  • Çevir
  • Yalan
  • Drop
  • Basitsin
  • Yokluğun Evrene
  • Yıllarımı Verdim
  • Bitmedi
  • Hong Kong
  • Vampir
  • Unuttum
  • Paket Tamam
  • Sesini Kes
  • Gemiler
  • Milano
  • Telefon

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