Diyar Pala Bio, Age, Hometown
Diyar Pala Bio, Age, Hometown

Diyar Pala Bio, Age, Hometown, and Songs

There are many talented and beloved rap artists in Turkey, and we try to provide you with information about these rap singers as much as possible. In this article, we will focus on Diyar Pala, one of these artists, and provide you with his biography. Here are the details.

Diyar Pala Bio, Age, Hometown

Diyar Pala was born in London, the capital of England, in 1981, and he is the youngest of his family’s four children. Although he is originally from Gümüşhane, the famous rapper is considered half Gümüşhane and half Trabzon because his family lived in Trabzon for many years.

Diyar Pala, who started his music education at the age of 11, took music lessons in Turkey for 2 years and started his professional music career in 2005. He released his first album in 2007, titled “Yeni Bir Flow.” During his time in London, he also demonstrated his acting talent by taking roles in TV series and commercials.

Although he visited his family several times during his time in London, he returned to London to continue his music work and continued his work tirelessly there.

Diyar Pala’s most popular songs on YouTube are “Bensiz Yapama,” “Yeşilimi Ver,” and “Bana Ne.”

Albums Released:

  • 2007 – Yeni Bir Flow
  • 2010 – Original
  • 2018 – Hayat

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